´╗┐About Us

Springbank Playschool is a non-profit, parent co-operative preschool located in the heart of Springbank. We have been a fixture in the beautiful community of Springbank for generations. We are located upstairs in the Springbank Park For All Seasons building on Springbank Road.

Our non-profit status allows us to stay true to our core values. We have small class sizes, low fees, and dedicated teachers. Our low incidence of staff turnover ensures consistency and allows our students to develop strong relationships with their teachers. We utilize parent volunteers in every aspect of our school – from the daily parent helper in the classroom to the volunteer board of directors parents are welcomed and a valued part of our program.

At Springbank Playschool we strive to give our students a positive first learning experience. Staff members are members of the Southern Alberta Preschool Teachers Association and attend conferences on a regular basis to stay in touch with new ideas and current standards of practice. Our classroom integrates new ideas with tried and true favorite activities. Our smaller class sizes allow the teachers to play to the strengths and interests of the students, adjusting activities to best suit the needs of the children on any given day. Field trips, special days, and exciting guests are ongoing throughout each school year.


If you have any questions about our program or would like to schedule a classroom sneak-peek please call our registrar.

Parent Helper

As we are a parent-run co-operative, it is everyones responsibility to volunteer in the Playschool classroom on a rotational basis.  The day that you volunteer is your childs special day when he/she may bring an item from home for show-and-tell.  Your child will also be the teachers special helper for that day.  

At Orientation or shortly thereafter, you will receive a class list and parent-helper schedule. The monthly schedules will also be posted outside the classroom.