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Two of my kids attended both the 3 & 4 year programs at the Playschool. They really enjoyed and thrived in the play based learning atmosphere, plus have always had a good connection with their teachers. Each class had a learning theme and the basics are also taught in a fun way. I liked being able to be a parent helper, as I was able to connect with the teachers and classmates, as well, it was an exciting day for my child to have their very own special day.

Kendal Williams

Both of my children attended Springbank Play School. I could not recommend this place enough! It has the warmest and loving atmosphere for young explorers. My children went thru the program with very nurturing teachers. They really emphasized independent play and learning through play. They did provide some structure to help guide the kids; we loved it! My second required some adjustment to staying at the play school independently. The school really supported us in this and let us work at a pace that was comfortable for my child. They did not force the transition; but rather allowed him to feel comfortable at his own pace. A lot of places do not support this type of transition; this was key into his comfortability. With the amount of free play time, guided practice, ‘gym’ time, outdoor play in the playground, field trips and parent volunteer days, we always felt the school kept the children a priority and kept the parents looped into the communication. This is more than just a play school for kids; this really is a school for the community to support the young. Do not hesitate to try Springbank Playschool; there is no other school like this in the community!

Naveen Minhas

I have had many years of experience at Springbank Playschool and each time was in awe of the incredible teachers who are so caring and make classes so much fun for the kids. I love the volunteer component as it builds such an amazing community that is not possible when all you do is drop off and leave each time. The years my children spent there have gifted me some of the best friends that I have, and bonus that the kids got to make great buddies too.

Avery Cheadle

Springbank Playschool provided a friendly environment that was welcoming to both parents and children. It was a much better fit for our family than the first preschool we tried and our son thrived there.”

Lindsay Duncan

Springbank Playschool


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