If you are unable to attend on the day assigned to you, it is your responsibility to switch days with another parent.  If you do trade dates with another parent, please mark the posted schedule accordingly so that the teacher is aware of the changes. Because our licensing requirements stipulate that we cannot operate without a helper, it is imperative that you ensure that either you or your replacement be present on your assigned day.  If you cannot come due to an emergency, please call the Playschool.

Please see the 2020-2021 Parent Primer for details of what your responsibilities are as a parent helper.

Clean-up Days

We are required by CYS to disinfect all the toys in the classroom and do a thorough cleaning twice a year. This is done just before the Christmas break and again at the end of the school year. The parents of children in the 4-year old class are responsible for the first classroom clean-up and the parents of children in the 3-year old class for the second.  You will be advised of the dates and times of those clean-ups, which are mandatory  each family must send one adult to participate.

Each family is required to pay a $100 refundable clean-up night fee.  This will be returned to the family after they have attended the clean-up night.

Board of Directors

Springbank Playschool is a non-profit, parent-run organization which relies on volunteers to ensure that everything runs smoothly.  Please consider joining the Board of Directors.  Your participation will enhance your childs Playschool experience and allow you to contribute to an exceptional community organization.

EXECUTIVE: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and Registrar.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS: 4 Class Representatives, 1 Recycling/Laundry/Domestic Engineer, 2 Supply Buyer/ Playdough Maker, 2 Fundraising Coordinators, Web Manager

Please see the Volunteer Board Job Descriptions document for details on each position.


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